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Hornby Plan 9/13
Return Loop & Terminus
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  Please accept our apologies. Due to the high volume of work we are experiencing we have been unable to update the Gallery section of our website for several years.

Welcome to our layout gallery. Here we display images of layouts under construction or recently constructed. Please browse these pages and if you would like any information on having a model railway layout designed or constructed, please do not hesitate to contact us.

In addition to layouts under construction we complete a large amount of joinery, much of it bespoke to individual customer specifications and requirements. We show little of this work in our gallery however some examples of our bespoke joinery can be seen in other areas of this website including our baseboard section and specialist joinery section.

Our most popular service by far is model railway wiring. It is difficult to display much of our work in this particular field of specialisiation as a great deal of our work is completed on customer layouts at their home address across the country and overseas. We do however show examples of both our analogue layout wiring and control panel manufacturing in the relevant sections of our website together with examples of DCC wiring - our most well known and most popular service!

Please note that for security and privacy reasons we never release the contact details of any clients, not even for references. Examples of our work are shown in this gallery and can be seen in the model railway press where clients chose to kindly give a credit e.g. Railway Modeller July 2009 'Cookstown Junction'. We do not request credits when clients publish our work and it is not a requirement when engaging our services.



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