Track Weathering


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In addition to our track laying and track ballasting services we offer a weathering service to complete the track laying and ballasting processing. Our weathering service can be part of our services offered to a client during the construction or part construction of a layout, or as a separate service to finish track and ballast you may have installed yourself. This is one of the most overlooked tasks on a model railway, one that makes the rail and track bed look more natural and reduces to the eye the size of the rail. It also blends together track components such as rail joiners where used, and disguises solder connections to the rail. Just compare the two images below of G scale rail before and after weathering (client installed track and ballast). The manufactured rail reflects light which makes it appear much heavier than it actually is. The weathered image on the right is taken much closer to the rail but it is nowhere near as noticeable as the manufactured rail reflecting light on the left.


Ballast very quickly weathers on the railway. It rarely looks new usually it has a dirty appearance according to age and neglect. The following images show how to make the track blend into the ballast and the ballast into the scenery. Again this is G scale track with the weathering applied by Professional Layout Services to customer installed track and ballast. The images show the process undertaken. Areas where a locomotive may be standing should be more heavily weathered than standard track. Also areas such as coal stages and refuelling plants would generally show much heavier weathering.



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