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OO Gauge Streamline Winrail Plans

Most of the plans featured in this section can be produced in standard Code 100 Peco streamline track, or Code 75 Peco finescale track. 

OO Gauge Streamline Design 1 (2300mm x 320mm)

A simple terminus to fiddle yard traverser plan ( traverser not shown to the left) with a requested minimum station platform length of 1100mm. The plan was based upon a design supplied by the client as a hand drawing, possibly originating as a Freezer plan..

OO Gauge Streamline Design 2

This design for a DCC layout was required to represent Hawes station but altered to fit the space available whilst retaining the theme. The layout uses Peco OO Gauge code 75 finescale track. The straight track feeding the turntable is the location of a traverser. 


OO Gauge Streamline Design 3 (195" x 90")

A complex and interesting to run OO gauge layout designed for a model railway room but approximately the size of a single garage. On two levels this layout features a hidden fiddle yard below the main station. 

OO Gauge Streamline Design 4 (205" x 135")

The client supplied an Ordnance Survey map of Cotes Park and requested that we design a plan based upon the original (which is very much straight and parallel) but to fit the space available. This required a complete change in appearance but retains most of the features. Storage loops and colliery sidings are not shown. 

OO Gauge Streamline Design 5 (108" x 30")

Terminus steam shed hand drawn by the customer and converted to CAD. Fiddle yard not shown.

OO Gauge Streamline Design 6 (248" x 186")

Extensive through station with branch terminus and fiddle yard.

OO Gauge Streamline Design 7 (200" x 210")

A complex layout designed not to have the operating area in the centre with the client needing to go under the layout.

OO Gauge Streamline Design 8 (132" x 96")

Tailored to fit a spare room in a retirement flat this plan features a lifting section (top left) to allow wheel chair access.

OO Gauge Streamline Design 9 (128" x 80")

Terminus to fiddle yard as requested by the client. A twelve inch grid has been added to allow the client to lay the track.

OO Gauge Streamline Design 10 (300" x 100")

Another large loft layout designed to avoid obstructions and also go behind supporting structures.


OO Gauge Streamline Design 11 (210" x 116")

Large loft layout designed to avoid roof trusses and allow access to areas. The area to the left was modified to a fiddle yard.

OO Gauge Streamline Design 12 (250" x 160")

The dividing wall between two rooms was removed to provide the space for this large DCC layout. Based on a Peco plan the layout features a large terminus station with MPD running out to a return loop with continuous run. A gradient to a lower level adds large storage loops to the design.

OO Gauge Streamline Design 13 (100" x 18")

A simple modern terminus to traverser layout.

OO Gauge Streamline Design 14 (108" x 18")

Another simple modern layout this time a locomotive shed and service area. A small extension piece is used to change locomotives.

OO Gauge Streamline Design 15 (145" x 132")


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