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Moving House - Need your model railway moving?

When a model railway is constructed often it is at a time when moving house is not a consideration. As time and circumstances change a house move within the UK or overseas may become a necessity. If your model railway was constructed without considering a house move it may appear impossible to take the layout apart and move it to a new location. Professional Layout Services may be able to help as we have experience in moving and packaging model railway layouts for transit and re-erection within the UK and overseas. 

We offer the following services:

  1. Consultation on the feasibility of moving your layout which if required may involve visits to the destination.
  2. Bespoke flight casing or transit covers to protect your layout during transit.
  3. Modifying your electrics to allow the movement of your layout. This usually involves the breaking of cables/cable looms and the installation of multipin plugs and sockets.
  4. Joinery modifications to allow your baseboards to be cut and removed for packaging and transit.
  5. Where appropriate the solder fixing and cutting of track over baseboard joins.
  6. Full layout dismantling and erection at your new address within the UK or overseas.
  7. Alteration of your layout baseboards and track to fit the destination space. This may include new baseboard sections e.g. to turn the layout around a corner etc. 

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