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Benchwork or frames are the foundation of any indoor model railway. They can be designed to any size and configuration based upon your track plan and gauge - Gauges Z , N, HO, OO, O including indoor narrow gauges to G45 can use our frames. Using any combination of sizes and shapes a sturdy base table for your model railway can be assembled. Give yourself a helping hand saving valuable time by allowing Professional Layout Services to manufacture your benchwork frames. Just add your track roadbed and finish your layout to your specifications!

Professional Layout Services offer a standard and bespoke benchwork/frame design and construction service. Benchwork can be made from your drawings or from a track plan to accommodate all aspects of a model railway to include: 

  1. Risers for gradients connecting levels higher or lower than the base frame. 

  2. Multi-levels to allow a more interesting track plan.

  3. Drop boards for river valleys and bridges adding greater visual effect to your finished product. 

  4. Supports for individual scenic items.

  5. Extensions to existing frames.

  6. Legs designed to our standard specifications or to your requirements.

We manufacture from selected 4"x1", 3"x1" or 2"x1" PSE softwood assembled using 13/4" countersunk woodscrews with all Butt joints reinforced with PVA adhesive. Additionally we can include bolt fixings, pattern makers alignment dowels, cable holes etc.

Benchwork/Frame Types

We offer two styles of manufacturing depending upon your requirements:

Basic frames - Simple frames with a front, back and two side rails with cross braces front to back at 300mm/12" centres or as requested. The basic frames use Butt joints only which are reinforced with PVA adhesive. These simple frames are not suitable for construction from 2" x 1" PSE softwood. We recommend a minimum timber grade of 3" x 1" softwood. 

Standard frames - The same construction as our basic frames but where frames exceed 450mm/18" deep cross braces are used from side to side with halving joints (half lap joints) used at the intersection with the basic front to back cross braces. The halving joints are all fixed using PVA adhesive. This type of frame can be manufactured using 2" x 1" timber if required with larger frames possible.



To reduce postal and packing costs benchwork frames can be supplied to any size and configuration as self assembly kits.

For more information please contact PLS Layouts - Contact details on the website index page (front page). 




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