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Layout Alterations and Extensions

If you are unable to carry out work on your existing model railway Professional Layout Services may be able to help. We have many years experience in the construction of model railways in all gauges and scales and can usually make alterations or extend most layouts. Over the years we have extended or altered many model railway layouts which include layouts manufactured by the customer, layouts manufactured by friends or family, or those made by model railway constructors.  

Our services include:

  1. DCC conversions of analogue layouts to DCC digital. This may include the supply of DCC control apparatus or the installation of your apparatus, DCC track wiring, installation of accessory decoders to control turnouts and locomotive decoder installation.
  2. Addition or alteration of track and wiring to an existing model railway on your existing baseboards.
  3. Construction and installation of new baseboard extensions - may also include track and wiring.
  4. Control panel alterations and repairs.
  5. Making good damaged scenery or the installation of new scenery on new or altered sections.

All our work is confidential. Please contact Professional Layout Services for more information.




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