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Founded in 1987 Professional Layout Services (PLS Layouts) have over twenty five years experience in the professional design and construction of model railway layouts, train sets and dioramas for both private and corporate clients. Our Corporate clients include blue chip and well known national and international companies, museums, universities and organisations including The National Trust, The Science Museum, Bosch Rexroth, Virgin Money, Thales, and Rapiscan. We offer model railway design and construction in any gauge from Z to G together with larger scale garden railway installation. We will complete your model railway layout to any degree of finish both indoors and in the garden regardless of size and complexity - from Hornby Trakmats to garden railways. We are happy to deliver or travel nationally and internationally to complete your model railway requirements - no job is too big or too small - we have no minimum job size or minimum charge (we are however limited by the number of hours in the day!). Our model railway design and construction services have been used by clients across the UK and globally from America to Australia and most places between! 

Desined and constructed for a private client this large freelance OO Gauge model railway measures 3.5m x 2.4m with trains running on three separate levels allowing for spectacular scenery over a height gain of 60cm. The layout was predominantly designed around the river valley and curved viaduct with the scenery connecting the levels together via a simple road which goes from the base to the top level 600mm above by winding itself through the scenery. The layout was designed purely for entertainment and enjoyment and shows what can be achieved in a relatively small area. As a build the layout went from timber entering the workshop to being installed as a fully operating layout at the customers address in twelve weeks. The layout is DCC controlled using two Hornby Elite Command Stations using DCC Concepts accessory decoders and operating Dapol semaphore signals via Train-Tech decoders.

This video shows a layout installed to the most common degree of finish known as 'Up and Running'.

The track plan has been designed to the bespoke dimensions and specific customer requirements with the baseboards manufactured to the track plan taking into account gradients, scenery and access for maintenance. The track and ballast have been supplied and installed together with the wiring and control system, in this case a DCC layout controlled by an ECoS Command Station. This leaves the client with plenty of work to 'personalize' the layout and put their touch upon it making it feel like their model railway in their home with a little help from the 'Professionals'.

The large freelance layout shown was designed to the clients requirements to be an entertaining layout with many trains running at any one given time. It is shown being test run after installation with some buildings added by the client to help form a picture of the finished layout. Actual buildings will be the pre painted and assembled resin structures from the proprietary manufactuers together with many plastic kits after many months of creative scenic work (some of which will involve PLS Layouts).

Another video showing a layout installed to 'Up and Running', this time a Swiss HOm layout.

The track plan was designed by the customer using Winrail CAD Software based upon Maloja and other locations in Switzerland. The layout will feature a Digikeijs DCC Command station for PC control and will be finished by the client. It is shown under test using a standard Lenz Command Station. Turnout Motors are Conrad controlled by Digikeijs accessory decoders with Digikeijs interface.

Whilst we are happy to construct complete model railways and train sets our specialist services are available in those areas that a client may feel they require assistance, for example baseboards, track work, analogue electrics or DCC digital. We are happy to take over where your knowledge, confidence, patience or time runs out. We travel nationally and internationally to work on your model railway layout helping you see light at the end of the tunnel. 

Is your model railway (analogue or digital) proving to be a frustrating burden rather than an enjoyable hobby? Have you started something you cannot finish, see the way forward or even don't know where to start? Contact us to see if we can help you complete your dream model railway. 


We pride ourselves in being probably the first professional model railway construction service to specialise in DCC Digital. Our experience of multi-train control goes back as far as the Airfix MTC and Hornby Zero 1 systems. We took part in the early Marklin Digital seminars and owned one of the first pre-production ZTC511 master controllers - DCC had finally arrived in the UK and we had been waiting. 

We specialise in high quality analogue or digital schematic control panels, analogue and digital layout electrics & electronics together with the supply and installation of DCC Digital control systems with over fifteen years experience of DCC.  We offer a consultation service at the location of your model railway for clients requiring assistance with specific problems - analogue and DCC Digital. We are happy to organise private tuition specific to client requirements e.g. general aspects of DCC, DCC decoder installation etc.

We have taken much time to construct what we, and many of our clients believe is one of the most comprehensive model railway construction websites on the internet. Remember we have been professionally constructing model railway layouts since 1987 and we have been on the internet since 1999! 

Please take your time to browse around our website. Many hints and tips are included for enthusiasts as we firmly believe in showing our skills and techniques to showcase our services. If we tell you and show you how to do it on our website you know we can do the same and more for you!

We offer a specialist ZTC installation service using the ZTC components you may already have together with recommending NMRA DCC compatible items ensuring you get the most from your system. If you are considering using ZTC on your layout and you think you may wish to engage our services to install please contact us before purchasing.



Please use the navigation bar to view our layout gallery and our list of services where many hints and tips are included for the enthusiast. 

Professional Layout Services are users of Team Digital Products available from  Sherwood Models

Please note that for security and privacy reasons we never release the contact details of any clients, not even for references. Examples of our work are shown in the gallery section of this website and can be seen in the model railway press where clients chose to kindly give a credit e.g. Railway Modeller July 2009 'Cookstown Junction' or Hornby Magazine February 2016 'Newburn'. We do not request credits or testamonials when clients publish our work and it is not a requirement when engaging our services.


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